Company Profile

About US

G.S.R IT Consulting was founded by Shay Cohen in 2006. G.S.R provides the highest quality 

IT consulting and integration services to its customers at the lowest price, while using the best 

of breed Open Source technologies. 

G.S.R is vendor independent and objective consulting and integration company.

This allows our consultants to provide our customers with the best possible solution tailored to 

the customer needs without any compromises.

G.S.R provides consulting services for a wide range of solutions and products based on Open Source 

technologies such as High Availability solutions, Mail services, Advanced scripting ,Script language 

developments, Database applications, High level data processing and more. Our customers range 

from start ups to large enterprise companies.


Over the past few years, Enterprise level companies have discovered the advantages of Open Source 

applications and infrastructure. Due to the unique style of development and being independent, 

Open Source projects are replacing proprietary applications regularly, while providing better and more 

productive solutions. 

The Open Source revolution began at the turn of the millennium, and since then large portion of enterprise 

level companies have based their most critical services on Open Source software.

While basing the company focus on Open Source software G.S.R will provide the best solution for any task.